Find a PA

Find a PA is a new initiative run by and for PA users. It’s currently an e-mail forum and Facebook group, but we hope to develop other ways of advertising vacancies in future.

I'm a PA user

Whether you're looking for a PA for the first time, advertising for a new vacancy or looking for a PA for holiday, sickness or other emergency cover, you can use this forum to advertise your PA job. All PAs who are members of this forum are either already working for a PA user in the group and have expressed an interest in finding more work, or they have contacted Independent Living East Sussex because they are interested in becoming a PA. While we grow the forum and increase the numbers of PAs on the circulation list, it may be necessary for members to share adverts with PAs who they know to let them know of opportunities and to encourage them to join.  We are not a PA agency; we're simply introducing PA users and PAs to each other. You'll be responsible for employing the PA yourself, so you'll need to contact your Direct Payments support organisation (either PeoplePlus or Vibrance) to arrange a Contract of Employment, carry out an up-to-date DBS check if required, and arrange for payment of their wages.

To post your advert to the forum, send your message to Please include your name, the town where you live, whether the position is for regular hours or bank work, and a summary of what you're looking for from a PA. Please attach a full job description if you have one. You do not need to give your full address or contact telephone number at this stage. PAs who are interested in the position will contact you directly via e-mail.

I'm a PA

Whether you're already working as a PA and want to top up your hours, or you're interested in becoming a PA, you can receive information via this forum about PA job opportunities in East Sussex. If you respond to an advert, your e-mail will go directly to the PA user, who will be your direct employer and who will be responsible for providing an employment contract, arranging an up-to-date DBS check if you don't have one, and paying your wages.

It's helpful for PA users to know about PAs who are looking for work, so do feel free to post an introduction to the forum, telling us about any relevant previous experience you have, the kind of work you're interested in, which area(s) of the county you're able to cover, whether you're available for regular hours or occasional (bank) work, and whether you'd be able to provide emergency cover.  To post to the forum, send your message to

How Can I Join?

WE want to grow this forum so that we can increase the network of PA users and PAs, so please feel free to share this information with anyone you know who may be interested.  To join the forum, please subscribe by sending a blank message to with "Subscribe" in the subject line.

Further Information

If you would like further information about the forum or you have any questions, please contact Theresa Hodge by e-mail at or call 07956329967.